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Software Downloads

These free downloads are full featured, same as the previous commercial releases. They now are being offered as freeware with limited support.

ArtWonk and MusicWonk runs on 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 & 8. Also works with most Windows installations on Mac computers, but we do not offer tech support for Macs.

MusicWonk also works on Windows 10. Due to issues with the ImagXpress graphics engine, ArtWonk does not.

To install, double click to unzip and then run the single install file. Our software is certified safe, with no viruses, no spyware, no adware. See the Archives page for certification stickers from the many archive and download sites that have tested it.

Current build is v4.4.1740.

Download ArtWonk for Standard Install
Download MusicWonk for Standard Install

USB and Custom Install

The download links below are for a USB Windows install. This means it runs stand alone, without having to install and register any system .dll or other helper files. This exe packing does tend to trigger some anti malware programs, so you may have to tell your security monitor that it's OK. If you download from this site you can be sure the software is malware free. If you are concerned, you can run a free VirusTotal check against some 50+ virus and malware checkers. See the Readme.txt file for USB and desktop installation information.

Download ArtWonk for USB/Custom Install
Download MusicWonk for USB/Custom Install

Bio2MIDI Freeware Genetic Music Translator

Bio2Midi converts the text of a DNA or protein sequence to a MIDI file, which you can immediately audition, or import into any MIDI sequencer for further compositional processing.  Any files you edit with Bio2MIDI can be read by the BioEditor in ArtWonk and MusicWonk. Click here for more information.

Download Freeware Bio2MIDI

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