Cnt (Count) Module

Produces a count value output of input pulses of range between Hi and Lo inputs; counts backwards if Lo input is greater than Hi input. Secondary function is as a one-shot that produces a logical output that goes On after a delay in ticks set by Lo, and then remains On for number of ticks set in the Hi input. Thus, this module has two different functions, depending on whether the Value output or the Logical input is used.


Yellow LED (Clock Logical): Clock pulses at this input increment the count value and start a new Off (Lo), On (Hi) count sequence for the logical one-shot output.

Hi (High Limit Value): Sets the high limit for the counter. When the count reaches this value, it rolls around to the Low value and continues counting. If Hi is less than Lo, the module counts down instead of up. For use as a one-shot, the Hi input sets the number of ticks the logical output will be held On.

Lo (Low Limit Value): Sets the low limit for the counter. This is the start value for the count. When Lo is greater than Hi, the count is reversed, however the Lo input still specifies the starting point for the count after it reaches the Hi limit. For use as a one-shot, Lo sets the number of ticks the logical output is held Off before going On for the number of ticks set by Hi.

Value Output:

Cnt X: The count value, as seen in the value output label. Counter is reset to 0 when Start/Stop toolbar button is clicked in (Start).

Logical Outputs:

Cnt X: The one-shot pulse that starts upon receiving a clock pulse at the Clock input, after Lo delay ticks, and On for duration Hi ticks.

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