Lnk (Link) Module

Link is used to link to other programs or synths. It can be used as a MIDI Input connection or it can be used for fast and accurate direct linkage to other BankStep or SoftStep programs running on the same computer. When used as a Direct Link the module acts as both input from other Direct Links, and as output to other Direct Links. When used as MIDI Input the module is input only (MIDI output is done by the MIDI module).

Mode Button: The small blue button on the top selects the link mode. Click to change mode. The modes are Direct Link, MIDI Control In, MIDI Key Aftertouch In. The current mode is indicated by the button label of the first value input button: In = Direct Link, CC = Control In, KA = Key Aftertouch In. Additionally, the button tool tips will change for each mode.

Inputs for Direct Link Mode:

In (Input Value): The value to be sent to other programs. Only MIDI values 0-127 are allowed. Values less than 0 are set to 0, values greater than 127 are set to 127. Values are sent automatically whenever they are changed, so a changing value can be used as the value itself and it can also be used to accurately synchronize other instances of BankStep or SoftStep.

Ch (Link Channel Value): Selects the Link Channel, 0-127, which determines which of the 128 available channels the link value will be sent to, or received from.

Inputs for MIDI CC and KA Input Mode:

CC/KA (Control or Key Value): The MIDI Control Channel if Control mode or the MIDI Key number if Key Aftertouch.. Only MIDI values 0-127 are allowed. Values less than 0 are set to 0, values greater than 127 are set to 127.

Ch (MIDI Channel & Page Value): Sets the MIDI Channel and Page to receive the input from. MIDI Channels here are numbered 0-15, not 1-16 as they are in the MIDI module buttons. Page is also numbered from 0, 0-3 instead of 1-4. Page and Channel are combined into one value by multiplying Page by 16. This gives a legal range of 0-63, with 0-15 for Page 0, 16-31 for Page 1, 32-47 for Page 2, and 48-63 for Page3.

Value Output:

Lnk X: The output of the Link module, as seen in the blue output box, shows any values that have been sent to the selected Link Channel by Link modules in other instances of BankStep or SoftStep, or by MIDI Control or Key Aftertouch messages on the Channel/Page selected - depending on Link mode selected..

Logical Output:

Lnk X: This is the Value output converted to a Logical. Values of 0 are Off, any non zero value is On.

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