Ran (Random) Module

Generates Random value outputs and random logical clock pulse outputs.


Yellow LED (Logical): Clock pulses at this input generate a new set of random value outputs and random clock pulse outputs. All values are generated at the start of the input pulse (leading edge of On pulse).

Rn (Range Value): Random numbers will be generated between 0 and this value.

+ (Offset Value): Added to the generated random number.

Value Outputs:

Ran X1, Ran X2, Ran X3: The random values, each using the same Range and Offset, but each is a different random number. Additionally, Ran X2 will always be less than or equal to Ran X3, and therefore statistically, Ran X1 will more often but not always be greater than Ran X2, and less than Ran X3.

Logical Outputs:

Ran c/2: clock pulse with the probability of being On at 1:2 (50%) for each input clock pulse.
Ran c/4: clock pulse of probability 1:4 (25%).
Ran c/8: clock pulse of probability of 1:8 (12.5%).

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