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Open - Opens a human readable text file that contains the protein or DNA sequence.  File extensions of .txt, .pro, and .dna are recognized. The .pro and .dna extensions are intended to make it easier to recognize whether the source is a DNA codon file or an amino acid (protein) single letter code file. However the Bio2MIDI does not distinguish among file extensions - it will accept any filename and extension you give it; and it determines whether you are translating DNA codons or protein amino acids by the context of the data itself.

Save - Saves the current text under the file name designated.

Help - Browse this online manua. To view the Bio2MIDI About box, click on this button while holding down the shift or conrtol key.

Undo - Undo the last change in the text editor. This is a two level undo: you can undo the last change and you can undo undo.

DNA, Protein, Mark drop down menus - Select the MIDI instrument to play for the selected translation voice.

DNA, Protein, Both option - Select whether the MIDI file translation of the protein or DNA file will be heard as 4-step DNA or 20-step protein, or both at once. When Both is selected, the DNA track runs at 3 times the protein track (3 DNA bases per protein amino acid step).

Map - Edit the pitch map, which is the assignment of MIDI note values to the 20 protein amino acids and the 4 DNA bases. See Pitch Map for details.

Duration Selection buttons - select the note-on duration. 1/4 selects note to be on for 1/4 of its duration, 1/2 is on for half the note duration, and 3/4 is on for of 3/4 the note duration. Full sets the note to play the full duration, legato style, and it also only plays a new note when the pitch changes. This causes short duration instruments such as marimba to seem to skip repeated notes, and full duration instruments such as organ to hold the notes for the combined durations of repeated notes.

Note Selection buttons - select the note duration: sixteenth note, eighth note, quarter note, half note.

Tempo edit box - type in the tempo value for the MIDI file to play.

Transpose - type in the transpose value in semitones. Range is -60 to 60.

>MIDI - translates the file to a temporary MIDI file, and starts playing it. Click in to run the translation, click out to stop playing. When pressed in the transport controls for are active. Note that after a sequence file has been translated, if you change any of the translation values the button will turn red, indicating the currently translated file does not represent the new choices made. When the button is red, click it out, then in again for a new translation that reflects the current choices.

Rewind, Play, Stop/Pause transport controls - After a sequence file has been translated, these buttons are active.

Save MIDI - saves the currently translated but unnamed MIDI file to a MIDI (.mid) file of your choice.

Progress Bar (not a control) - as the MIDI file plays, the progress bar will show the current playback position in the MIDI file.


Bio2MIDI is copyright © 1998-2006 John Dunn & Alogrithmic Arts. All Rights Reserved.