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Online Tutorials

This tutorial section is a feature that we plan to expand as time goes by. Some of them are still being developed, however we present them now in hopes that even the incomplete ones will prove useful.

Your suggestions for additional tutorials, or for clarification of existing ones, are very welcome. Please email your tutorial suggestions to

Sequencers - Introduction to Step Sequencers; how to use ArtWonk Sequencers and Memory Arrays.

Conditional - A brief (1 page) tutorial on conditional execution with Macro modules.

3-Way Branch Part 1 - How to test and branch according to the results.

3-Way Branch Part 2 - Another way to test and branch.

MIDIFile - How to read, play and manipulate a MIDI (.mid) file.

The Zen of Clocks - First page of an unfinished tutorial on clocks. Included for the cool picture of an ARP 2500 clock module.

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