Algorithmic Arts

Bio2MIDI v2.1

Genetic Music Translator

Bio2Midi converts the text of a DNA or protein sequence to a MIDI file, which you can immediately audition, or import into any MIDI sequencer for further compositional processing.

Choose to listen to the sequences as 4-note DNA bases, or as 20-note protein amino acids, or both at once. You can select specific data sections to be translated, called exons and introns, and mark areas of interest to be played in a different instrument.

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In order to provide a fast, easy sketchpad for converting and listening to the sequences Bio2MIDI translations are kept simple, giving only direct pitch translation of the DNA and protein sequences. For more detailed composing, any files you edit with Bio2MIDI can be read by the BioEditor in ArtWonk and MusicWonk.

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Listen to "Giraffe" music made with Bio2MIDI
View "Giraffe Lens Crystallin" data file for the above music.