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Technical support is available to registered users by email to: We try to answer all support questions promptly - usually within hours - but please help us help you by including the following information:

  1. Most problems can be solved simply by forcing an initialization to default values. Reboot the computer then go to Start Menu/Programs/Algorithmic Arts/, and run Reset ArtWonk43 Defaults. USB versions, which do not have Start menu shortcuts, can run with "-dbg" in the command line. Pay close attention to the pop up message that tells you the folder where you will find the debug file it creates, "Debug.txt."
  2. If this does not do the job email Debug.txt to us with your support request.
  3. Describe the problem in as much detail as possible, including error messages, whether the issue seems related to installation, startup, loading a file, etc. Screen captures of error messages are particularly helpful.
  4. Include as much additional information as possible. The more information you provide the faster we can help you. Feel free to attach illustrative patch files or screen capture image files if you think that will help, in addition to the Debug.txt file.
  5. Describe the computer you are using, including operating system, amount of memory, CPU speed, graphics settings.
  6. What other audio and MIDI software is installed in your computer? What other software is running?

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